Engineering Tools Corporation was established in 1973 with a goal of becoming the best supplier in engineering tools for all types of purposes. Since then it is making every endeavour to supply branded quality products to the customers in peninsular India on the southern part. Products that engineering tools corporation deals with falls under the category of personal safety tools for engineers like safety helmets, goggles and shoes, tools that provides protection from sudden fire catches. Best fire extinguishers are available to the customers on www.etcfire.com. The brands that you are going to avail from this platform are like 3M, Action, Ronak, Addison and Acme etc.

Best Qualities about the Products of Engineering Tools Corporation

Other suppliers who are supplying the engineering tools to consumers are not bothered about the quality of the product. Also the cost of the products is also set sky high by these dealers of the tools. But on the contrary part this is not the case with engineering Tools Corporation where only branded products are preferred by the suppliers in huge range. No compromise is made with the quality of the tools.

 Poor quality tools that are used in the business firms can leads to certain dangerous consequences at the end of the day. More their value for money is also very low as such products do not have a long durability like that of branded one. This is the reason whether people have to buy a hose drum or safety goggle or it may be a road safety tool they always prefer to make a handsome deal with the engineering tools corporation. The trusted of the buyers is never broken by the wholesalers of engineering tools at any cost.

Cost and Stock Availability to the Customers for Engineering Tools

There are certain complications that come in the way of customers while they are purchasing engineering tools for their business. These obstructions may be in the form of low stock and lack of variety for the products. More the quality issues also arise many times for the customers when they visit poor suppliers.

But this is not the case with engineering Tools Corporation where a huge stock is maintained to meet the every sort of need for the customers by the dealers. That is why many of them are just not ready to choose any other seller for making a buy for the engineering tools in India. People from the length and breadth of the country are even asking for the online delivery of the products on www.etcfire.com

So if you are in need of any sort of item that comes under the category of engineering tools then engineering tools corporation is a best choice for such search. Here you will get a quality along with the quantity of the product and also a simple payment and delivery option from us. So do not hesitate to purchase any sort of product from here and get rid of the troubles that are accompanied with the other sellers.

About Us

we have emerged as a  premiere industrial supplier for Tamil Nadu and South India. Our products include road safety, fire safety, personal protection equipment , hand tools, carpentry, paintings, sanitaryware and welding equipment & accessories. We hold distributorship for leading brands such as Safety Products: Karam, Acme, 3M , Action,Tools: Mitutoyo, Stanley, Addison, Taparia,As well wide range best indian make and imported industrial products.


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